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We are expert on setting up and installing network for home users and small office businesses. Also we install routers switches – and setup Wireless networks you can share an Internet connection along many computers as well as share files and printers.

Simple networking in the home/office allows users to share the internet connection, files between users and the printer.

DrExpertus has experience in all of the following aspects DSL, cable, wireless, wired Ethernet, routers, and VPNs.
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We loves building computers, and offer computing power at whatever level you desire – gaming, home PC use, all in one use. These are computers for people who know that the best desktops on the market aren't mass produced.

If you're looking for a custom desktop that offers the highest quality performance and leaves other desktops and their problems behind, choose us
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If your Windows Operating System (OS) is mired in viral and mal-ware contamination, or if it seems as if your computer is running like it’s pulling a heavy lead weight. We will troubleshoot your Windows OS, migrate your data, perform a thorough cleanup, as well as apply upgrades to all Windows OS , and install an Internet security program to keep you protected.

We will have your PC Operating System running smoothly and efficiently as if it were new.
computer repair tampa
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