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Did you purchase a new electronic component for your home or office audio / video system, and need it installed professionally?
DrExpertus will be happy to help you set everything up to work perfectly, in addition to teaching you how to use it. Home audio and video is our passion, and we simply love technology. Over the years, there isn’t a problem related to home automation, audio or video that we haven’t been able to solve.
Not only can we help you automate and enjoy your home, but we can also explain the technology to you, and give you interesting ideas for creating a clean system you can enjoy!
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We can also set up other elements to interact with your home network, for example your printer, home security system, thermostat, or even your speakers. Best of all, you can control everything over the Internet using your computer, iPhone or iPad using home automation. It may sound like fantasy, but basic consumer electronics technology has now made these things not only possible, but affordable!.if you have already purchased the components and just need them installed, we can do that, too.

Don’t just watch a movie, live it! Don’t just listen to music, feel it!
audio video tampa
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audio video tampa