laptop repair tampa
Okay, so your computer may be a little old. And perhaps you can't really afford to lay out the money for a new box. But that certainly doesn't mean that as a user you must wallow in the obsolescence of a slow computer. There are ways to increase the performance of your computer.

Upgrading your PC’s system memory (RAM) is the best way to increase overall system performance. Let us help you by •Evaluting whether additional RAM is appropriate for your system •Ordering the correct RAM for your PC •Installing memory in your machine •Testing and fine-tuning your system
laptop repair tampa
The DC jack is physically damaged ? The DC jack area is wobbly? The laptop only charges in a certain position? The DC jack has separated altogether?

Luckily, DrExpertus can easily fix your problem . We will prise open the laptop, remove the existing dc jack and resolder a new one. If you are even more lucky, your laptop jack might just replacing and no soldering may need to take place. This is for the newer model of laptops where the DC jack is not soldered on the motherboard, but merely a peripheral component which we can replace with ease.
laptop repair tampa
Did you spill coffee on your notebook? or dropped cigarette? or pound it so hard in frustration that the key broke? We've seen them all. Replacing the keyboard is a fairly inexpensive thing.

We replace keyboards for Toshiba, HP/Compaq and Dell brand notebooks.

A good test for you to perform is see if the computer works fine with an external USB keyboard attached. Please call ahead . We'd need the exact make and model of your notebook computer.