laptop repair tampa
Slow computer, and/or slow internet connection. Strange pop-ups or web browser redirections. Program failure, or inexplicable errors. System functions unavailable (eg: Internet Explorer). System giving a "RPC error", giving a window with a 30 second countdown to a restart.

We can safely remove any viral infections from your computer whilst keeping your existing files safe.

We also offer OnSite Repair. Contact us TODAY!!
data recovery tampa
So you’ve lost your data, have you? Did you accidentally delete it? Fear not! We Expert in extracting recovering data from failed, corrupted, mechanical or physically damaged media devices such as Hard Drives, Raid Arrays Disk, USB Drives, Compact Flash Drives, USB, Fire wire, IDE, SATA, ATA and all other computer storage media.

Starting with a free phone consultation, you will be provided with the guidance and expertise you need in order to quickly get your data back .
screen repair tampa
Did you crack your Laptop Screen? No display on screen or blank screen.Dark or white spots on laptop display? Broken or physically damaged laptop screen? Jumbled images on screen?Faint or dim images on screen? Distorted or scrambled video on the laptop screen? Dead or stuck pixels on the screen.Lines appear vertically or horizontally ? Problems with the brightness of the display ?

We are expert of handling all problems related to laptops and notebooks and specialize in laptop screen replacement